If you’ve happened upon this site because you have been told your timepiece needs a part that cannot be found, then my services may solve your problem. The best way to proceed is to provide my contact information to your watchmaker and ask him to get in touch with Henning Horological Fabrication directly.



Located in western Massachusetts, Henning Horological Fabrication crafts custom parts for tradespeople across the United States.

Working with Henning Horological Fabrication

I recommend contacting Henning Horological Fabrication during your own estimate process. While quotes are not guaranteed, they have proven accurate most of the time. You can then place the fabrication cost in your estimate, accounting for your necessary markup, and present it to your customer. Once the job is approved, send it to Henning Horological Fabrication for a final estimate based on a personal examination of the project.

Stop wasting valuable time searching the world for an obsolete part. I'll make the part, and you make a profit with less hassle.

Contact Henning Horological Fabrication:


Phone: 413-549-1950 (Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., ET)