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About Me

I am Matt Henning, CW-AWI, a full-time professional watchmaker with a commitment to craftsmanship.

My work is shaped by a life-long curiosity about how things work and a unique combination of experiences, studies and values.

I studied theatrical stage production in college, and after graduating, worked professionally as a scenic carpenter for more than 10 years. Having learned how to make fake things look real, I developed a desire to simply make real things. After working 3 years as a boat builder, I decided to make a complete shift back to my earliest love of mechanical objects and to high-quality, high-precision work, and the self-discipline it requires. I graduated from the AWCI Academy of Watchmaking in the spring of 2001 and immediately began working as a professional watchmaker specializing in the repair and restoration of vintage watches. That work often required me to make needed parts, so I added that to my line of services. In 2011, however, my love of creating parts led me to specialize in parts fabrication only.

I have always prided myself on my ability to make parts that cannot be detected without deep and careful examination by a knowledgeable watchmaker. I am a member of both AWCI and of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, and I am committed to working with my fellow tradespeople to repair and restore timepieces in a professional manner.